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Really Need to Update….

I am sorry if I haven’t check or updated this blog for quite sometime now. I run two pages now and one of them takes up my time but now I am going to update this more now and also the name is going to be change and I have a lot of projects I want to start doing in the next couple of months, two of them are zombie prom and zombie walk that are coming up in October. 

Sorry if I have not update anything on this blog for a while now. My job at the hospital took so much of my time and that I haven’t been working on stuff plus my lens flipping broke on me, so I had to get a new one. But now everything a little better (beside that fact I have look for a second job because I hate being a temp) and now I am going back to school next month too. I am changing my name on here because I want something different and also I am trying figure out certain in my photos and working on things to become better than I am before. So there will be a lot of changes and a lot more time updating on here than before :) 

Some of the photos from last night show with The Quakes 

More will be posted tonight :) 

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